My Take On Italy’s Most Popular Food

There are so many foods that are associated with the country of Italy, but there is one that I immediately think of that defines the region. Olives are probably the most popular food that they have. Sure, you can tell yourself that pasta, prosciutto or some other item is more popular, but you would be fooling yourself. Not only are whole olives a part of antipasti all around the country (even in all Miami Italian Restaurants), but they are also used to make the olive oil that is pretty much in every dish that you would care to eat.

I am one of those people who started to use olive oil after reading that it was a much better option than using vegatable oil, lard or anything of the sort. As I started to use it, I noticed that it gave my food a different taste from what I am used to. Now it is easy for me to see why so many people in Italy use this as a condiment. Adding some to the top of soup or pasta makes it an experience that you will never forget. That is why I believe that olive oil is the most popular food that is eaten in Italy (which I can now enjoy in one of the Best Italian Restaurants in Miami).