Spy Text

Read Boyfriend’s Texts Without Him Knowing

I have been with my boyfriend for three years now. Everything was fine until about one year ago. He started distancing himself from me and not responding to my phone calls and texts as quickly as he used to. We don’t live together, and in the past, he would always be extremely responsive to my texts and calls.

He didn’t even seem to want to be around me anymore. He stayed out late at night and insisted that he was hanging out with his friends, but I felt like there was more going on. I needed a way to look into his cell phone to see if he was talking to anyone else.

He is very tech savvy, so I could not just install an app on his phone without him knowing. He also has a passcode on his phone that I don’t know. We had a fight about that once. After all, he had my passcode. Well, I found a solution. My friend told me about how to hack into his phone and read every single message in his phone. It’s called spy text. Just like I thought, he was cheating on me for over a year. We are no longer together and never will be ever again.